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Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit reaches space on 2nd try

Virgin Galactic expects to begin commercial operations this year in southern New Mexico.

Virgin Orbit gears up for its second attempt to reach space

The flight follows the company’s unsuccessful first attempt to reach space earlier in the year, with the team this time sending 10 small satellites along for the ride.


December’s Total Solar Eclipse as Seen from Space

The shadow of the moon is a brown blob moving across the face of Earth

Space Force Exists to Deal With Threats in Space Domain, Vice Chairman Says

Threats by Russia and China to deny U.S. access and capability in space make the Space Force critical to national security, said the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, spoke at an online National...

NASA Mulls A New Deep-Space Rocket Test Despite Technical Concerns

Repeating Saturday’s aborted ground test could unduly stress booster prior to liftoff

NASA Conducts Test of SLS Rocket Core Stage for Artemis I Moon Mission

The test plan called for the rocket’s four RS-25 engines to fire for a little more than eight minutes – the same amount of time it will take to send the rocket to space following launch.